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Our slogan: “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!”
Don’t play the lone warrior when there are others to ally with! Our strength is our persistent community spirit in product, service and trade complaint handling!
We are stronger and more efficient as a team: Join us!

Adhoc.Support provides you with a secure solution, if:

  • You hit a brick wall in a commercial complaint that you think is unique.
  • The quality of the product or service is not satisfactory, yet nothing is done by the manufacturer, seller, service provider or supplier.
  • The manufacturer, seller, or service provider makes claims about the product that is different from what the product is intended for and you feel deceived, but you gain no redress from the seller or manufacturer.
  • You get something different from the manufacturer’s claims based on the advertising and you feel deceived and your complaint is treated without merit.
  • You feel deceived and look for an opportunity to advocate with other fellow human beings with similar problems.
  • You have a complaint against a trader based in another EU country or internationally and your complaint bounces off them.
  • You want to settle the consumer dispute out of court, if possible.

We are stronger and more effective as a team: Join us!

Our slogan: “Adhoc.Support! The world’s first and only advocacy community! All of us, together!”

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Who hasn’t had the experience of buying a product and having to complain when it failed? In such cases, many people look at whether it is worthwhile, economical or just morally necessary. In many cases, we let the problem go for reasons of time and value for money.

But what would happen if all the same problems in the world were analysed and recorded in one system? You, as the customer, would only have to report the problem by filling in a form (completely free for our members) and it would be revealed whether the problem is mild, serious or critical, or the seriousness of your complaint.

We have professional, dispute-ready, mediation skills, commercial and legal support, and decades of problem-solving knowledge to help you.

People don’t like to argue and get into conflicts

In the course of purchases and services, a dispute may arise that is out of our comfort zone, out of our expertise or out of our knowledge. And many people don’t even like to take on such cases because they don’t feel strong enough on their own.

The fact is that: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Complaint handling that tests our human capabilities often results in lonely battles, unaware that others are struggling to solve the same problem, even with the same product and the same defect.

The Adhoc.Support community is responding quickly with its number of preventive product tests, its meaningful steps towards quality, and its own local and international online complaint reporting platform. Across Europe, this background provides real-time supportive expertise and a coordinated solution and response!


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