Our Journey to Consumer Advocacy Community: From Small Cases to 3 Big Solutions

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ComplaintotheBoss.com: The World’s First Public Complaint Submission Platform

Adhoc.Support: Innovative and Ethical Consumer Advocacy

ComplainTogether.com: A Community Complaint-Sharing Platform

The Synergy Between Platforms

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The team at WebshopCompany Ltd has been involved in e-commerce for 30 years and we have created many well-known brand products during this time. In order to stay at the forefront with the knowledge we have gained, we have immersed ourselves in research programs that focus on AI and Big Data technologies. Of the many commonalities between e-commerce and business commerce, consumer complaint management is one of the most important and has been a key focus over the years.

Digital future, human values. Pioneering consumer advocacy solutions

Over the years, we have realised that conventional consumer advocacy methods don’t always address the complexities of modern commerce. This led us to develop three innovative platforms—Adhoc.Support, ComplainTogether.com, and ComplaintotheBoss.com—which cater to different consumer needs while utilising advanced technologies to improve the overall consumer experience.

Commercial complaint handling: All of us, together!

In commercial complaint handling, the customer is often left to complain on his or her own, with the representatives of the multinational company easily rejecting the complaint for various reasons that are the fault of the consumer. It was important to recognise that our consumer complaints may be similar or even identical to others, but if we are not aware of their commonality, we may think the fault is unique.

Consumer advocacy and complaints handling at the BIG-DATA level has shown that many consumers around the world can struggle with the same brand, the same complaint, and experience the same rejection, with the nonsense claim that the product defect is their consumer’s fault. The aggregation of defects by the brand has given us the insight that the large number of quality complaints processed together can be either of a mass nature or a type of defect attributable to a brand. The mass handling of complaints and quality objections started and it became clear that together, in numbers and with the same problem, we could also act on manufacturers, distributors, and service providers, usually out of court. And those who disagree are confronted with the power and effectiveness of the advocacy community in the Court of Justice and other official procedures.

We recognise that traditional consumer advocacy methods are not always able to deal with these problems of modern commerce. This has led us to develop three innovative platforms: firstly, the Adhoc.Support advocacy community, then the ComplainToBoss.hu preventive complaint handling solution with complaints directly to the head of the business concerned and the ComplainAll.hu community complaints platform where we hope to promote consumer rights by presenting complaints, making them public and discussing experiences.

ComplaintotheBoss.com: the world’s first preventive complaint-handling solution

ComplaintotheBoss.com is a public complaint reporting platform, a preventative complaint-handling solution that allows consumers to submit complaints directly to business leaders free of charge. When you walk into a store, you are usually greeted by a friendly and helpful salesperson and staff. However, sometimes the salesperson, customer support staff, or person dealing with customers is less friendly and helpful or uncooperative. We feel we have not got what we hoped for and would like to share this with the manager of the business.

We complain because we hope for change and we complain because we want to improve and help each other with our comments. Preventive customer feedback without involving the authority is sent to the boss. All customer feedback is useful, we say, but it is most useful when it is not a misunderstanding that has to be dealt with in a procedure that goes as far as a fine, but a problem that can be resolved quickly and without misunderstanding. The customer helps, the business grows: and everyone benefits! And we believe: basic human goodwill is an asset here too!

The preventive complaint-handling solution

The process is simple: this platform is designed for consumers with specific product or service complaints.
It’s a free service for consumers to submit complaints.
The only condition is: to tell the truth, don’t tell lies, and tell us briefly and fairly the reason for the complaint.
As a condition of registration, all our users accept that if they make a false claim and cause harm to others, they will be held liable.
Once registered, the customer will be contacted directly with their complaint by the manager of the company, business, or consumer complaint handling professional appointed to handle the complaint.

The representatives of the companies that have signed up for our platform will respond to the inquiries addressed to them.
Who can complain to your boss: businesses that have signed up for our service
Those who are not registered to complain: those you bring to our attention that you have a complaint about and we will contact the company or business

For businesses, ComplainToBoss.com provides a subscription-based system for joining, either by direct registration or through a referral system as part of the services of various websites. You can even send a recommendation about the company using our contact details.

Adhoc.Support: Innovative and Ethical Consumer Advocacy

The most effective consumer advocacy is when we act as a community. It has everything you need to persuade the other party: lots of identical complaints, about a product or service, even a service provider or a manufacturing process, and you have mass and identical advocacy. Simple and effective: an extra-judicial and peaceful channel, all the complained company needs to do is listen to us with open ears. That’s why we created Adhoc.Support, the world’s first consumer advocacy community.

So Adhoc.Support is a community-based consumer advocacy platform for consumers with major complaints and customers with similar problems with the same products or services. Just imagine not being dismissed for your quality complaint, but instead, standing up with others, you are more powerful.

Adhoc.Support consumer advocacy community. All of us, together! Community advocacy and handling mass consumer complaints
All of us, together! Advanced technology for efficient complaint resolution

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies, Adhoc.Support can analyse vast amounts of information to deliver personalised solutions to consumers. To this end, we and the Adhoc.Support community team has created the ComplaintotheBoss.com and ComplainTogether.com platforms.

ComplainTogether.com: A Community Complaint-Sharing Platform

ComplainTogether.com is a community complaint-sharing platform that connects people with similar problems and aims to facilitate the resolution of unresolved consumer complaints. By organising complaints into different categories, the platform makes it easy for members to find peers with similar problems and to contact those who are experiencing similar problems.

Speak up! Share! Expose! Empowering Consumers through shared experiences
Speak up! Share! Expose! Empowering Consumers through shared experiences

The platform encourages its members to share their unresolved complaints publicly, holding businesses accountable and fostering a sense of community among consumers. ComplainTogether.com is designed for consumers who wish to connect and share their experiences with others facing similar issues, promoting solidarity and collective action.

The Synergy Between Platforms

The Adhoc.Support, ComplaintotheBoss.com, and ComplainTogether.com platforms are all designed to empower consumers and resolve unresolved complaints. Adhoc.Support is a community-based consumer advocacy platform that allows consumers to use their community power to take action to resolve their problems. The ComplaintotheBoss.com platform is a public complaint reporting system that allows consumers to submit their complaints directly to business leaders free of charge. The ComplainTogether.com platform is a community complaint-sharing platform that encourages consumers to publicly share their unresolved complaints to build a community with others who have similar problems.

Synergy between the three platforms
Working together for the greater good

The synergies between the platforms are aimed at making consumer advocacy more effective. The Adhoc.Support platform harnesses the power of the community in consumer advocacy and uses advanced technology to address complaints more effectively. The ComplaintotheBoss.com platform allows consumers to complain directly to business leaders, free of charge, for faster and more effective resolution. The ComplainTogether.com platform encourages consumers to share their problems publicly, increasing their effectiveness and solidarity among consumers. The platforms work together to help consumers to advocate and enable them to fight effectively to solve their problems.

In practice, this means that a consumer who files a complaint on ComplaintotheBoss.com can find other consumers with similar problems on ComplainTogether.com, and Adhoc.Support’s team of experts can use this information to find a more effective solution. This synergy contributes to a more transparent, accountable, and consumer-friendly market.

Join Our Innovative Consumer Advocacy Community

Our journey has led us to develop Adhoc.Support, ComplainTogether.com, and ComplaintotheBoss.com, each designed to address different aspects of consumer advocacy. These platforms not only empower consumers with innovative technologies but also create a community of support by working together.

adhoc.support global advocacy community
Connecting Consumers for Collective Advocacy – Join the community

WebshopCompany Ltd remains committed to consumer advocacy and protection. By developing and refining these platforms, we strive to ensure that every consumer has access to the tools they need to protect their rights and hold companies accountable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the main purpose of the “Our Journey” page?
    The “Our Journey” page showcases the results of our research efforts in AI and Big Data and introduces the three consumer advocacy platforms we have developed: Adhoc.Support, ComplaintotheBoss.com, and ComplainTogether.com.
  2. Is there a fee to use ComplaintotheBoss.com?
    No, there are no fees associated with using ComplaintotheBoss.com. It’s free to join, and there are no monthly fees or fees per complaint.
  3. How does Adhoc.Support work?
    Adhoc.Support connects consumers with a team of experts who analyse their complaints using AI and Big Data technologies. The platform offers tailored solutions, faster resolution times, and comprehensive consumer protection.
  4. How can I find others facing similar issues on ComplainTogether.com?
    ComplainTogether.com is organised into various complaint categories, making it easy for users to find and connect with others experiencing similar problems.
  5. How do the three platforms work together?
    The expert team at Adhoc.Support can utilise information from ComplaintotheBoss.com and ComplainTogether.com to better assist consumers and identify patterns of misconduct among companies. This synergy helps create a more transparent, accountable, and consumer-friendly marketplace.

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