What’s good about the Adhoc.Support advocacy community?

The community, as people living their daily lives regardless of country, group of people, or nationality: includes many life experiences, product users, buying habits, and many aspects of life. This includes the overall customer experience and the unpleasant minutes or hours some of us have spent resolving quality complaints.

Time is money: everything is more efficient with faith and perseverance

The Adhoc.Support community saves time! Precious time that could be spent on ourselves, our families or our loved ones. And complaining is a professional field where, after a quick pairing of questions, arguments and counter-arguments, the only question is whether or not the other party wants to be a meaningful partner in resolving our complaint. Are you able to take the peaceful route, thinking with us to shape the complaints experienced by members of our community to our advantage, or do you take the bumpy road to justice?

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The power of community is that more problems have more solutions

The strength of the Adhoc.Support community is that it is constantly growing and expanding, refining the strength of its knowledge base, its scale, and its rapid and effective solutions. We solve problems together and our knowledge base is refined.

Think about it: a product is released by the manufacturer to the distributor. Then it goes to resellers in several countries where appropriate and finally it is used by the consumer. The strength of the Adhoc.Support community is that many countries, with the same user base, use the same product in almost the same way, and learn the good and sometimes the bad.

Our community influences the handling of objections, and complaints arising from poor quality through its perceptions and shares them with community members in the form of continuous information, such as newsletters and social media. A number of databases, search and pre-purchase information are created and also made available exclusively to our community members.


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